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Download Harris County Public Health Regulations - Dogs & Cats
Download Low Cost Resources for your Pet
Download Helpful Tips - Lost & Found Pets

Web Links
Harris County Pet Licensing
Houston 311 Service Request for residents who reside in the City of Houston
MUD 415 Website
Harris County Precinct 2 Service Request for reporting of street signs, pot holes, ditch maintenance, mosquito control & more
Harris County Sheriff's Office - Vacation Watch

Deed Restrictions - Searchable
Download The Consolidated Deed Restrictions: Sections I, II. III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X
Download The Reserve, Section XIV
Download The Reserve, Section I
Download Waterway I
Download Waterway II
Download Waterway IV
Download Waterway V (The Estates)
Download Waterway VII
Download Waterway VIII
Download Commons Enclave
Download The Plantations
Download The Vineyards

Community Policies
Download Records Retention Policy
Download Payment Plan Policy
Download Open Records Policy
Download Guidelines for Rain Barrels, Solar Energy Devices, EE Shingles, Flags & Religiou
Download Parking Policy

Parks and Pool
Pool Hours
Download Pool Season Schedule - 2020
Download Community Pool Rules
Download Beach Park Rules
Download Parks and Pool

Download Community Street Map
Download Halloween Hayride Routes
Download The Commons Parks Driving Directions
Download Retreat at the Commons of Lake Houston Sec 1_R2
Download Section 1 Recorded Plat
Download Section 2 Recorded Plat
Download Section 3 Recorded Plat
Download Section 4 Recorded Plat
Download Section 5 Recorded Plat
Download Section 6 Recorded Plat
Download Section 7 Recorded Plat
Download Section 8 Recorded Plat
Download Section 10 Recorded Plat
Download Section 12 Recorded Plat
Download The Plantations Recorded Plat
Download The Reserve Section 1 Recorded Plat
Download The Reserve Section 14 Recorded Plat
Download The Vineyards Address Plat
Download The Vineyards Recorded Plat
Download Waterway I Recorded Plat
Download Waterway II Recorded Plat
Download Waterway III Recorded Plat
Download Waterway IV Recorded Plat
Waterway V section plat map
Download Waterway V Recorded Plat
Download Waterway VII Recorded Plat
Download Waterway VIII Recorded Plat

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